Burgess Career High Keeps Creek Wood in the driver’s seat

Friday night Brianna Burgess proved why she is one of the most dangerous sophomores in the state.

A career high 31 points as she dominated in every way she could.

Hot from 3, drove to the basket for lay-ups and FT opportunities, was tenacious on the defensive side leading to easy buckets, she was a force.

Her team also seemed to feed off of her hitting more than 10 threes as a team on route to a 70-35 beatdown of rival Waverly.

When Brianna plays the way she played, and her team backs her up with the kind of performance they had, there are very few teams that will slow down the Lady Red Hawks on their way to more than likely a sectional and possibly state tournament appearance for the first time in a few seasons.

The only thing slowing this team down is rebounding, which they have heavily corrected with the emergence of Bryanna Moore, and an off shooting night, which they do not seem to be having often.

Creek Wood currently holds a 1 game lead plus the tiebreaker in the division and region over Stewart County.

They will face that same Stewart County team tomorrow night on the road for what promises to be a very crucial game as we near the end of the regular season.

You can hear the game on 101.5 the one starting at 5:50 with pre-game reports.

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