Creek Wood Basketball Broadcast Schedule

Note: all broadcasts begin with the girls’ game at 6pm, followed by the boys’ game 15 minutes after conclusion of girls’ game, unless noted otherwise

DateOpponentBroadcast StationResult
11/19/19vs Sycamore101.5 The One FM
11/22/19vs Cheatham County101.5 The One & WDKN
11/25/19 Thanksgiving tournament in Harpeth101.5 The One & WDKN
11/26/19Thanksgiving tournament in HarpethTBD
11/30/19vs Gleason (girls only)
@ Martin Westview
101.5 The One & WDKN
12/6/19@ White House HeritageWDKN 1260 AM
12/10/19@ Stewart County*101.5 The One FM
12/12/19vs McEwen101.5 The One & WDKN
12/13/19vs Hickman County*101.5 The One FM
12/17/19@ Waverly*101.5 The One & WDKN
12/19/19vs Harpeth*101.5 The One FM
12/20/19vs Montgomery Central
(boys only)
101.5 The One & WDKN
12/27/19vs Scott (girls only)
@ Oneida
12/28/19vs TBD (girls only)
@ Oneida
12/30/19vs TBD (girls only(
@ Oneida
101.5 The One & WDKN
1/7/20@ Camden*WDKN 1260 AM
1/10/20vs Lewis County*101.5 The One & WDKN
1/14/20@ Fairview*WDKN 1260 AM
1/17/20vs East Hickman*101.5 The One FM)
1/21/20vs Stewart County*101.5 The One FM
1/24/20@ Hickman County*WDKN 1260 AM
1/28/20vs Waverly*101.5 The One FM
1/31/20vs Camden*WDKN 1260 AM
2/1/20vs Dickson County101.5 The One & WDKN
2/4/20@ Lewis County*101.5 The One FM
2/7/20vs Fairview*101.5 The One & WDKN
2/11/20@ East Hickman*WDKN 1260 AM
2/17/20 - 2/22/20D11AA Tournament:
@ Fairview