Creek Wood boys continue success

It hasn’t always been the highest cruising altitude. Sometimes the Red Hawks have flown very close to crashing.

However, once again Friday night they came together and found a way to win.

Trailing 27-17 at the half, Creek Wood clawed their way back to a 56-52 victory over Waverly.

That marks the seventh time this season, in district play, that the Red Hawks have squeaked out a single digit victory.

Despite their struggles, they are 11-0 in district play however, and well on their way to a title.

Currently the Red Hawks are in first place in both their district and their region, and they do not seem to be letting up.

This is a team that, as we discussed previously, finds a way to win and has plenty of ways too do so.

They have talent on the perimeter in Cole Adams and Kaden Austin, size and tenacity in the paint with Rex Edmondson and Braden Dawson, plus above average athleticism in all sport athletes Jamison Ford and Raekwon Nesbitt.

Because of this, teams have to prepare several strategies on both sides of the ball, which seemingly is aiding the Red Hawks because they simply just adjust to what you are or aren’t doing well and adjust accordingly.

All the while playing with a speed and determination as if they only lead or trail by 2, whether they trail by 10+ or lead by 15+.

This team should not have any issue winning it’s district. Its region, while very good, does not have anyone that on paper is better than the Red Hawks either.

Once in sectional play anything can happen, but do not be surprised too see Creek Wood making noise past region play again this season.

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