Erin Webb gets her first victory as the Lady Cougars roll to a 1-0 start

Photo: Marty Allison/DicksonSportsMedia

By Lucas Panzica

The Dickson County Lady Cougars opened the 2018 season in style on Thursday night with a 63-43 win over the Nolensville Lady Knights, as Erin Webb notched her first win as the head coach at her alma mater.

Despite being on a Dickson County sideline in a competitive game for the first time since she was a player, pregame jitters were not an issue for Webb.

“I feel like last night was business as usual” said Webb, “I think those pregame jitters will come December 4 when we’re home for the first time. It won’t be nerves necessarily, as much as the excitement of being back home in that atmosphere.”

It certainly was business as usual for the Lady Cougars, leading nearly the whole way, and Webb had the luxury of going deep into her bench throughout the fourth quarter. It was not perfect, however, as some players got into foul trouble early on in the first half.

“I feel like they definitely have the potential to play the level of ball I would love for them to play, liked we talked about before, just the competitive defense” said Webb, “but if I’m being honest as well,  I think getting into some foul trouble, thats going to be problematic.

“Going into a game where we might need of few of my starters, or top seven or eight for a longer period of time, as well as just being in shape, so we’re definitely going to have to work on that.”

Junior Olivia Rinehart and senior Ryann Roberts led Dickson County in scoring with 14 points apiece, but it was the full-court press defense that gave the Lady Knights the most trouble all night.

“I definitely feel like we’re in a step in the right direction. It’s the best that I have seen my girls play defense to this point, which makes me really happy.”

The Lady Cougars have a double header in Cookeville on Saturday, playing Cookeville High School at 12:30pm, then Livingston Academy at 3:30pm.


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