Lady Red Hawks prove they can fly high

Creek Wood’s Lady Red Hawks now boast an impressive 6 game win streak.

If I told you that out of context most people would probably think, well sure but that is district competition which the Lady Red Hawks traditionally dominate.

However, due to Covid reschedulings, this year has presented a unique opportunity for teams.

I will admit for the first 3 games of the win streak you would have been correct. Those 3 initial wins came against district competition that whether going into the games you felt Creek Wood was superior, they showed they were.

The last 3 though, have been a different story.

Applaud Coach Wilson for taking a mentality to play whoever, whenever, wherever as long as they get to play.

That attitude and outlook has led to his team in three straight games playing 3 very talented and bigger schools.

Green Hill, a team that just a few short years ago ran through Creek Wood like a knife through butter. Clarksville Academy, a squad that came to Creek Wood’s gym undefeated with high caliber wins across the state and was held to 31 points. Then last night Dyer County, who albeit came in with a mixed bag of a record but is a AAA school.

That is 3 games in 5 days against competition the Lady Red Hawks are not used to seeing during the regular season and each time they rose to the occasion.

They did it with defense and very good shooting as well. A combination that lends itself to beating anyone, on any day, in any gym.

Creek Wood now will enjoy their Christmas and get ready to travel to Sevier County for a Christmas Tournament on Monday where they will face their biggest test yet, and maybe in several years; Lakeview Academy.

Lakeview boasts a 6’4″, yes you read that right, center committed to Iowa State, a PG who has multiple D1 power 5 offers, and a freshman who already is getting looks from Murray State among other OVC schools.

No matter the result of Monday’s contest it is already time to start discussing the Lady Red Hawks as a team that can not just win their district or even their region, but compete in sectionals and into the state tournament.

If however, they were to keep it close Monday, or even win, well then we may very well start having to discuss two very big words; STATE CHAMPIONS.

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