Not your usual Lady Red Hawks

Creek Wood softball is having an identity crisis.

A team coached by Nancy Jackson that usually prides itself on power pitching, power hitting, and lockdown defense is struggling with all three.

Now that is not to say this team is not talented and can’t win games, they just have to go about it in different ways.

This version of the Lady Red Hawks is more inudated with speed and precision, but also inconsistency and a lack of desire at times.

Coach Jackson on any day can put a lineup on the field that one through nine is faster than the majority of teams they will face no matter the level of play.

They also rely on an ace pitcher in Raigan Allbert who is immensly talented, but does not throw hard.

Allbert is a locater, and when she is on she is dominant.

Already a perfect game and a no hitter under her belt this season, Allbert is more than capable of domianting any competition.

However, because she relies on location and movement, if, a team can get to Allbert and/or she is unable to locate on a given day it can be problamatic.

Inconsistency, as I said, also plagues this team.

Capable of breakout innings and games, this team just cannot seem to find the consistency to make them elite.

Prime example is just a week ago, they hosted Stewart County.

They were down entering the bottom of the sixth inning, I believe it was 2-1, and they had not looked great at the plate all day.

Out of nowehere they plate 8 runs to go up 9-2.

They did not do anything spectacular, i.e. hit home runs or force errors, they simply just started to play to the level they are capable of. It was as if they flipped a switch, but not one they seemingly control at all times.

These team feeds off each other and the surrounding circumstances.

If you let them get one run, expect them to get four or more. However, if they give up a run or two, expect they will give up more or fall into a dejected mindset in the subsequent innngs.

Currently 10-7 overall and 3-1 in district play, this Creek Wood team is capable of figuring it all out before May and making a run, but they will need to begin showing signs of improvement and that begins with a string of district games over the next few weeks.

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