Red Hawks Rockin before the Christmas Tree

Creek Wood’s boys basketball team will spend Christmas and new years content with themselves.

They will carry an 8 game winning streak through both holidays after defeating Dyer County last night and not being scheduled to retake the court until January 4th.

Much like their female counter parts the Red Hawks began their win streak defeating district competition, which after their schedule early where they had to play such superior and larger teams, was no surprise.

The thing that seems to be taking this team and the fans by storm however though, is that in their last two games they seem to have learned from those early losses to Beech, PJPII and Gallatin.

Facing an undefeated and literally much larger Loretto team Monday night, and then turning around and facing a AAA Dyer County team who again had Creek Wood outsized, the Red Hawks remained victorious.

They did it with good ball movement, an agressive attacking defense, and most importantly different guys stepping up.

In the Loretto game it was Jace Harell taking advantage of his speed and smaller stature to draw fouls on the Mustangs and making the shots both from the floor and at the FT when he was fouled.

In contrast, Tuesday evening facing Dyer County it was Cole Adams finding his shot and ultimately going 6/7 from behind the 3 point line to carry the Red Hawks to victory against a team that for the majority of the game held the advantage inside.

Going forward, again, Creek Wood will not see the floor again until January 4th.

When they return though if they can maintain this level of defensive intensity, effort on the glass, and ability to see different guys step up on different nights; it might just be time to start talking about a Red Hawk team that started 1-3 and was down several key pieces from last year, making a return trip to sectionals and maybe beyond.

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