Red Hawks soar just not quite high enough

Friday night showed just how good and just how talented this Creek Wood team was.

A team that made it to 9-0 and reached 10 wins for the first time in school history.

Unfortunately, they just couldn’t stop a tiger.

A 28-20 loss at Lexington ended the season on the gridiron for the Red Hawks, but they sure did give it all they had.

An onside kick to open the second half, a fake toss with a jump pass to make it 21-20, and a fake punt that kept one of 2 game winning drives alive, all showed the heart of Coach Houston Thiel and this program.

After gaining over 200 yards and scoring 4 TD’s on the ground, the Tigers of Lexington were stuffed on their last two drives and Creek Wood took their shots, they just ultimately did not land.

We will have to wait until next year to see if the Red Hawks can finally break that second-round playoff curse, but with the region, realignment coming the path for Creek Wood gets much tougher. You can read up more on that in an article later this week.

All that being said, it was one incredible season for Thiel and his program. Go Red Hawks!

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