Sycamore Upends CW Football

The Creek Wood football team had one more dress rehearsal for the playoff stretch run on Friday night, welcoming the Sycamore War Eagles to Creek Wood Stadium. The Red Hawks outplayed the visitors for most of the night, holding the Sycamore offense in check behind the stellar play of Colton Stewart. However, the CWHS offense stalled in the red zone and mental errors including penalties and turnovers clipped their wings, keeping Sycamore in the game despite an inability to move the ball.

The Red Hawks scored only once, on a passing play from Timmy Randolph to J. J. Higgins, but Sycamore answered back on a halfback pass for an 80+ yard score to tie the game–the same play that Montgomery Central had used for its first score against Creek Wood. With the game still a 7-7 stalemate late in the fourth, Sycamore again dug into the bag of tricks. A simple slant pass sucked in the linebackers, and the receiver simply lateraled the ball back to the running-back-playing-receiver lined up on the boundary, running a go route. With the defense drawn in, the hook-and-lateral play worked to perfection as the back won the footrace down the sideline for the go-ahead score. Suddenly overtime was in the rear-view mirror, as the Creek Wood offense had under a minute to answer back trailing 14-7. The Sycamore defense bowed up, and despite some controversy over a possible untimed down on a big play late, the War Eagles held on for a one score win, shocking the home crowd.

Things don’t get any easier for the Red Hawks, as they finish with three straight in the Region. Friday night, Creek Wood travels to White House, before finishing at Portland and at home for Springfield.

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